Why I’m Writing A Blog On Civil War Reenacting

To begin with here's a full disclosure. I am not a professional writer, museum worker or anything like that. I do not sew either. I love Civil War reenacting and I wanted to try and help other who have been, well, not treated so well by some groups and Facebook pages. So here we go … Continue reading Why I’m Writing A Blog On Civil War Reenacting

My First Dress

I promised with my first post to tell you about the mistakes I made starting out as a reenactress. The first dress I purchased came from eBay. Well, that was a mistake. The dress looked fine to me, but at this point I had done no research on what was proper to wear. A big … Continue reading My First Dress

Adventures in Victorian Underwear — The Manic Seamstress

Still in the interminable process of making this darn Victorian ensemble. I worked with two different patterns for drawers and chemise. I made mockups first using old bedsheets for fabric. It was AFTER I did this that I read posts discouraging the use of polyester blends in the making of period undergarments. The reasons cited […]Adventures … Continue reading Adventures in Victorian Underwear — The Manic Seamstress

A Gallery of My “Impressions”

Thought I'd pause in my descriptions of Civil War era Ladies undergarments to post some pictures of my "Impressions" of a Civil War lady. I hope you enjoy them. Feel free to comment on what you like or don't like. Questions are always welcome! Click on the pictures to see them larger! Now, as you … Continue reading A Gallery of My “Impressions”

Ladies Undergarments Part 1

Well here we go, let's start talking about ladies undergarments for the civilian reenactress. What you are looking at below is a pair of ladies crotchless drawers. Yes I said crotchless, why? Well think about the fact that you are wearing 7 or more layers, including a cage crinoline or hoop skirt. What can you … Continue reading Ladies Undergarments Part 1

Ladies Undergarments Part 2

The cage crinoline made out of spring steel wire was first introduced in the 1850s, with the earliest British patent for a metal crinoline (described as a 'skeleton petticoat of steel springs fastened to tape.') granted in July 1856.

Ladies Undergarments Part 3

It's now time to talk about the most important undergarment for a lady of the 1860's era, the corset! Front of a Corset Back of a Corset Above is an example of a ladies corset from the 1860's era. Corsets were worn to promote the proper silhouette of a lady. The focus of the fashionable … Continue reading Ladies Undergarments Part 3

Ladies Undergarments Part 4

Well I must admit to you all I've gotten my undergarments out of order! The pictures you see below are examples of the chemise. They go UNDER the corset so they should have been part 3 of the layers of a Civil War era lady. The chemise is a very simple garment. It is usually … Continue reading Ladies Undergarments Part 4

Ladies Undergarments Part 5

This week we are going to talk about two different ladies undergarments of the Civil War Era of 1861-1865 or later. Corset covers were not common in our period but I do want to present as many options ladies had in their clothing. Corset CoverFancy Corset Cover The images you see above are all examples … Continue reading Ladies Undergarments Part 5

Shoes, Boots & Stockings

Hello and Welcome Back! Let's look at some original and reproduction shoes and boots for the Civil War era. I bet you may think that they look very uncomfortable. You may be surprised! Fugawee Victoria BootOriginal Side Laced BootBalmoral Boot by Amercan DuchessOriginal Ladies Ball SlippersOriginal Ladies ShoesOriginal Ladies BootsLadies Boots by Blockade Runner Let's … Continue reading Shoes, Boots & Stockings